Cenote Dive Center is owned and operated by two friends who met on a Mexican road trip over 12 years ago. You could say that VW vans brought them together and diving has kept them together.

David is NACD cave certified, an SSI Instructor, and Dive Con Instructor. He has over 9 years of diving experience and owns three dive centers in Mexico.

Per is NACD cave certified, an MSTD Instructor, Norwegian Naval Diver and an IANTD Cavern Instructor.

We may be a bunch of divers but we take the business of diving very seriously. Have a look at our Dive Center’s commitment to our customers and to our dive business.

To provide recreational divers with the opportunity to experience and advance into technical diving.


Cenote Dive Center is a customer focused dive center that opens opportunities to divers and maintains diverse diving experiences for visitors to the Riviera Maya.


We will provide

A diverse diving experience through the coast of the Mexican Caribbean
Knowledgable and trained guides for excursions
An environment that welcomes all client inquires and staff who will listen to their needs
The tools required to assist in the knowledge development and course selection of our clients
A place to have fun and an opportunity for a good laugh
A dive center and staff who adhere to international diving safety standards