This video is great and features many of the cave explorers in the are.  Steve is featured but is supported by Bill, Buddy and Sam, some of the great cave explorers and cave divers that live in the area.

The cave system featured in this BBC video is a system off of Dos Ojos called the ‘The Pit’.  Open Water divers can experience this system as a cenote, only able to dive within the mouth of the cave as it is technically a cavern.  Where Steve goes in this video is not part of the cenote, but the shots in the beginning and end of the video where you see the light rays is where open water certified divers can dive.  It is an advanced dive in the cenote portion due to the depth of this dive, up to 100 ft/30m but well worth the drive into the jungle.

Kay Walten, a dear friend and partner in social media crime, found the system over a decade ago when she was actively cave diving in the area.  She still lives in the area and has granted us an exclusive interview, an interview that the BBC could not get while they were here.  Her current passion is her website Locogringo and the development of social media.  She is a pioneer in whatever she does and continues to break barriers, make discoveries and push the envelope on land in 2010.  Her discovery was over 14 years ago but her memories are vivid of this day.  Watch for the upcoming interview of this exclusive interview.

Steve uses a side mount technique in this video when he is exploring the pit.  he is also using a scooter so he can penetrate further into the system.  You will witness the great skill of these divers and why the cave course is so essential to your development as a cave diver.