This area has a power for or should I say ‘over’ cave explorers and cave divers and this video will show you why.  Produced by the BBC, the two cave divers, Steve and Sam, are good friends, well respected instructors that live in the area and great educators who teach non cave and cave divers about the magic in the area.  Their ongoing exploration has been shared internationally at teaching engagements, university lectures and museum lectures.  They are two of the best!

Steve and Sam are two of many cave divers who enter unknown systems in the area.  This video does a great job of highlighting some basic safety rules, the bread and butter of cave diving principles, that each cave diver follows each and every time they enter the cave.  Safety always comes first and you will see this with the use of air, cave lines, arrows and cookies.

The shots are fabulous and we will highlight some more BBC footage as we post our blogs.  Though a bit dramatic in the narrators language, it is all true!  without observation of the most basic safety rules you will not come out alive.