I dont know alot about Wes Skiles but I do know that he was a pioneer in the area of cave exploration in the Yucatan.  Cave explorers in the area have great respect for the work that they did with Wes and are saddened by his recent death.

Many people come to this area with their passion in hand, personal money and a vision and explore the greatest cave system in the world located throughout the state of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan.  Many are still here, continue to explore and continue to dive with their heart on their sleeve to find more information about the systems that are below the jungle, the culture of the area and the natural wonders of the area.

In a photo shoot done by Wes before his death, the National Geographic highlighted a recent dive he did in a cave system outside of the area.  His photos are stunning and need to be shared.  It shows the eye he had, the range of his incredible dive skill and the dedication to he to cave diving and cave systems.

Wes you will be missed but more importantly, thank you for participating in the ongoing discovery of the Yucatan cenotes and cave system.      Your passion, your vision and enthusiasm was a great addition to the ongoing discovery of the largest cave system in the world.