Not a cave diver and curious what they do?  Not a cave diver and just interested what these perceived (and I do say perceived as they are excellent at what they do)  crazy divers do in this environment or do you just want to confirm that this is not what you are interested in.

This is a cave video, taken by our good friend Harry as he was exploring a new cave system the String of Pearls.  Harry is a long term resident and as you will see in the video a great great diver.  This video is not of a cenote, and please if you are exploring the idea of cenote diving do not take this as an example of a cenote.  THIS IS A CAVE and unless you are cave certified you would not be able to do this.  What i appreciate about this video is that non cave divers can experience a cave dive without penetrating the area.  this will either inspire you or it will confirm a belief that cave diving is not for you.

Oddly enough, harry and the videographer of film stayed with us during their exploration of this system in 2008 at Hotel Tropical Casablanca.  They were very hush hush about their cave diving during this 14 days as cave explorers do not release their information until they have documented the entire system.  Maybe CIA should mean cave investigation and authorizing instead of its normal definition.  These explorations are top secret and are shared once they are completed not during their completion.

This video is a great example of what a cave diver does and enjoys.  I am thankful it was posted and even more thankful for the time these two put into the exploration of the String of Pearls.