I have never heard such a great quote as I did last week.  Thanks to the author for this great comparison, as it rings true to the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Cenotes (pronouced say-note-tay) are an important geographical, geological, environmental, and tourism (which translates into the GNP) aspects of this region of Mexico.  It is the fresh water source for drinking, it is the water source for day to day activities, it has been a key component for the history of the Mayans and how they traveled through the area, it is thought to be the home to aluxes (to be discussed further in a post on Mayan beliefs) it feeds the jungle plants and now feeds tourism.


The history of the formation of the cenotes, the purpose of the cenotes, the role that cenotes have in understanding Mayan history, the role they play in 2010 for tourism is a long story; one that will hopefully unfold in this blog as we feel it is important that divers understand where they are going, how fortunate we are to be able to enter these areas, and how precious these areas are.  Divers are guests, and we treat our privilege – as this is a privilege – with the utmost respect as we enter the underbelly of the earth.

The cenotes are an important part of the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatán, but few talk about the ongoing impact that they have had on all these areas.  As residents of the area, we understand the importance that these fresh water sources bring us, as divers we feel honored to have the ability to witness first-hand these areas that have been decorated by nature, that have formed from the natural evolution of earth…okay I am getting a bit far out here, but really until you see it, you can not even imagine the beauty, the strength, and the amazing ability of the earth.

As an open water diver who has good buoyancy, has a number of open water dives and has been diving recently, this is an opportunity of a life time.  Many have a cenote dive on their Bucket List, many become divers just to be able to dive the cenotes.  Words can not describe the experience, and many have been life inspired while diving in these sacred waters.

As a cave diver you can follow the path of the Mayans when they traveled through the caves at a time when the water levels were lower.  Local cave explorers have mapped out hundreds of kilometers of cave systems so that cave divers can see and witness the history of this area.  The dedication of these men and women who have come to settle and live in the area for the sole purpose of exploring and documenting the area through the cave systems are wondrous.  Many still live here and many still talk about finding the next entry point that they want to explore.

The cenotes are an amazing place.  I can write all I want but really you have to experience it for yourself.  Stay tuned for the land and water explanation of the cenotes, the caves, and this magical area in Mexico that is the entry point into the underworld, a place that has taught us a lot, and continues to teach us. Do not think that we as people are smarter than mother earth, we aren’t! Once we get that, we are ready to dive in the cenotes.

Stay Tuned!